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What Causes A Heart Attack?

Bad health

Bad health is what causes a heart attack!  Almost all heart attacks are caused by blood clots that block the coronary arteries.

These are little blood vessels that supply your heart muscles with blood and oxygen.

When blood can’t get through to parts of your heart, those parts get starved of oxygen. If the obstruction persists for a long period of time, the cells effectively will die off.

Fish oil has been known to prevent heart attacks

Fish oil has been known to prevent heart attacks and it is important to understand the function or rather how.
Coronary artery disease is a very common fundamental cause of heart attacks. Coronary artery disease is when the coronary arteries harden, and they narrow-down in size.  Plaque builds up inside and lines the walls of the arteries at the same time.

Arteries as pipes

You can imagine these little arteries as pipes that transport water, soon the calcium build-up is going to restrict the water flow, well the same applies to your blood vessels.

A stroke happens in exactly the same sort of way; except in this case your brain is deprived of oxygen.

What causes A Heart Attack

Other causes of Heart Attacks

Muscle spasm

Another cause of heart attack, which is less common, is a severe muscle spasm also caused by constricting of the coronary artery that stops blood supply to the heart.

These muscle spasms could occur in humans with or without coronary artery disease.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress is one of the causes of the spasm of the artery.

Drugs and smoking

Other causes could be if the body temperature is too low, smoking, or certain drugs, like cocaine.

So how does fish oil help?

Regulates the blood

The simple answer is fish oil regulates the consistency (the thickness) of your blood.  By regulating the consistency this drastically reduces the chance of your blood-forming into a gel.  These little gel formations are basically the clots that have been mentioned.

Softens the arteries

Fish Oil also softens the arteries caused by Coronary artery disease and at the same time flushes away any plaque build-up; needless to say this gives you a clean flushed out system.

Prevention is better than cure

A very common question you would be asking yourself about Omega3 fish oil is whether it is doing the job as stated above.  We say prevention is better than cure.  It is very natural to say the fish oil is not working, because it has already done what fish oil does naturally; keep your system in a natural health balance.