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Fish oil dogs

Fish Oil for dogs
Yes, as much as we need fish oil for ourselves as humans, fish oil is very good for dogs too.

We are a world of animals lovers and at one time or another we have had a dog as a pet and we therefore all understand the importance of pet maintenance.

It has been very evident that dogs need a lot of love, care and attention.  The most important factor of caring for your pet is a healthy balanced diet.  Of course if you are searching for the best nutrient available on the pet market; you simply need look no further than a natural method.

Is fish oil good for dogs? YES!

Evidence by research and studies have show on numerous occasions that Omega-3 is a popular choice for giving your dog the nutrients and care it deserves.

Fish Oil Benefits for Dogs:

  • Your dog’s coat will look healthy and shiny
  • Helps with inflammation for example joints, growths and basically anything swollen
  • Increases energy – Although you might be sorry 🙂
  • Much improved immune system from various diseases
  • Curbs shedding of their coat
  • The perfect solution for dry and irritated skin – naturally adds the moisture back into the skin
  • Increases your dogs appetite; as the smell of fish oil is very appealing.  Good eating creates a healthy and balanced lifestyle for your dog.
  • Helps your dog fight depression

Recommended fish oil dosage for dogs?

To start with, try : 9mg of EPA per kilogram of your pooch per day. So taking an adult Jack Russell at an average of 7kg, that would be about 70mg of EPA per day.

The Cost?

Our capsules are 300mg each, therefore one capsule should last about 4 days using the example above.

The price of each capsule is about 16p divided by 4 days = 4p

How to break down the 300mg over 4 days.

Simply take any food or medium like a porridge – or even gravy – and stir.  Add one PuraEPA capsule, and divide that portion into 4 days ie one of the 4 per day.  Take that portion and add to your dog’s favourite meal of the day.