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Our pure EPA fish oil is a very high strength omega3 fatty acid solution – 90% concentrate (market average is 18%!)
Our product has been filtered down many times to achieve the high 90% concentrate, as well as make this product free of impurities.

With very positive reviews from Mind1st, you know you have a very safe product.

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Pure EPA only Fish Oil – 90% Omega3

Pure EPA Fish oil Omega3 Essential Oil Blend
(Bottle of 60 capsules)
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  • PuraEPA is a powerful pharmaceutical grade fish oil, with 90% high strength omega 3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
  • A unique product containing the purest form of ethyl EPA fish oil in the World


Pura EPA has two primary components, EPA (300mg) and BO (100mg).
EPA is the very well known eicosapentaenoic acid, this essential fatty acid (EFA) is a nutrient that is mainly found in fish oil,
and is a component of the omega3 category of essential oils. BO is borage oil; this is high in the nutrient GLA.

This product is incomparable as it has the highest dose of pure 90% ethyl EPA, available, with no DHA.
Furthermore it is blended with the added bonus of Borage oil (a plant extract) which has the highest concentration of GLA (24%).

The EPA is perfect for ADHD in children and depression.  With positive reviews, you know you have have a top quality product.