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Omega3 EPA and Depression

Omega3 Fish Oil:  Nature’s Very Own Antidepressant

Quick Introduction – Omega3 has two principal ingredients EPA and DHA. Our product has no DHA due to the repeated filtration process. The following article will tell you why we do this process.

Dr Malcolm Peet, a psychiatrist from a Sheffield hospital in the UK, published a report about the effects of Omega3 EPA.  Included in this report were the results of EPA used on people affected by depression and low moods.  Many have studied have been carried out using EPA (Ethyl) and how it assists with helping depression and other mental health issues.  The bulk of the studies that have been carried out have consistently supported that Ethyl EPA, a natural component in omega3 fish oil, assists in the alleviation of depression and low moods.

The late Dr Horribin, who as early as the 1970s was a pioneer in lipid research involving the brain and central nervous system. Since the findings at Sheffield, studies have been conducted around the world, Harvard university 1999, London Hammersmith hospital 2001 and Israel Ben Gurion University 2002 to name but a few.

EPA as portion Of a Healthy Diet

EPA is a component of the Omega3 chain of eicosanoids and is generally found in fatty fish including, fresh salmon, mackerel, pilchards and sardines. The diet habits of numerous western people over the preceding 100 years, has changed considerably to excessive hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids (bad fats) This is mostly owing to the raised intake of fast food and ready-made meals. Individuals who believe they eat a healthy diet, take in far too much omega 6 and not sufficient omega3.

Researchers discovered lately, that a diet high in Trans fatty acids, may impact the mood stabilising hormones inside the brain.  This is believed to be caused by the saturated fats affecting the messaging system inside the brain.  This is a known fact, that should this occur, then depression could be brought about.

How Does EPA function?

Although the advantages of top-grade EPA have been well certified, the scientific profession, however, does not know precisely how EPA operates on the brain.  One possibility issued by Dr Basant Puri, is that it alleviates the transition of the signals across the small gaps in the brain known as synapses. An additional possibility followed, that the top-grade EPA really functioned alike to lithium and delivered anti-depressant attributes of its own.

Lately it was generally recognised in the medical profession that when a human struck maturity, the adult brain ceased to grow any longer.  However, a recent article released by Dr Puri, showed his finding to be otherwise. Dr Puri scanned a 21-year patient before treating him with high-grade Pure EPA, subsequently, after the course, he rescanned the youth only when to discover that the grey substance of the brain had enlarged.

Your Body and Omega3 with EPA

Besides EPA being very beneficial for assisting to stabilise moods, it bears additional well-proven advantages on the body, including:

* Attributes that assist to thin the blood

* Bipolar disorder
* Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME
* Huntington’s disease
* Fibromyalgia
* Obsessive-compulsive disorder – OCD
* Schizophrenia

While additional research is required in these areas, the latest evidence appears very assuring.

Comparing EPA and DHA

Omega3 fish oil incorporates an additional omega3 nutrient named DHA.  On that point, presently there is a continuing debate as to which omega3 nutrient is the more advantageous in handling depression and associated disorders. This debate is brought about by doctors who have used high-grade EPA – Dr Horribin, Dr Puri and Dr Peet. They profess that the greater the ratio of EPA to DHA the more efficient the effects have followed. Lately Dr Andrew Stoll has likewise, supported this theory.

EPA in your Food

An expert doctor or nutritionist will assure you that the most beneficial manner to acquire any nutrient is to consume a well well-balanced diet of the right quantity of carbohydrates, protein and omega essential fatty acids. In the instance of Omega3 EPA, this would be by consuming fish.  Owed to the high concentration levels of EPA required to receive a healing dosage, you must take in a massive quantity of oily fish each day. Due to the contamination levels encountered in our oceans nowadays, this is not recommended.

Omega3 EPA is found in high doses in CERTAIN fish oil supplements. The fish oil supplement that you choose should be fish oil of the utmost quality.  In addition to this, it must contain the highest ratio of EPA to DHA as possible.  This would be for supreme healing results.

The fish oil with Omega3 EPA conclusion

The majority of scientific tests utilising high-grade Omega3 Ethyl EPA indicate that this natural oil is advantageous for numerous preconditions. The debate around the DHA goes on and in all likelihood will until evidence is given to us.  Meanwhile, products with a high ratio of EPA to DHA is conceived to be more beneficial by various influential UK doctors.

For an outstanding source of high-grade omega3 Ethyl EPA, with a 90% concentrate of EPA and Zero DHA, you have come to the right place.

PuraEPA omega3 fish oil and depression