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The facts about Omega3 fish oil and depression.

omega3 fish oil for depression and ADHD


Evidence is starting to build that links depression with abnormalities in fatty acid metabolism and deficiencies in the dietary fatty acid intake.

The omega3 essential fatty acids, such as EPA found in oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, seem to be most important in this respect. In countries where people eat plenty of oily fish,  such as Japan or China, have substantially fewer rates of depression.

Furthermore, in general, people who eat fish regularly are less likely to report feeling depressed. In addition, low levels of omega3 fatty acids are often found in the blood of depressed individuals.

Supplementing the diet with omega3 fatty acids, especially EPA, is often useful in treating depression. A dose of 1 g of EPA (found in about 3g of concentrated fish oil) each day may be helpful.