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Omega3 and Depression

Omega3 EPA Fish Oil and Depression

It is common knowledge that folks all over the world are relying on to top-grade ethyl pure EPA omega3 fish oil to treat a number of conditions.

However, can it really work against a problem that knows no limits of age, race or gender? It is a circumstance that impacts millions of people at some time in their lives, it’s known as depression.


So can top-grade ethyl EPA fish oil aid with depression and low moods?

In one study affecting 20 people with repeated depression, researchers analysed the outcomes of the particular omega 3 fatty acid recognised as Pure EPA.

Patients, who were included in this study at random, took either the ethyl EPA fish oil capsule or a sugar pill in conjunction with the antidepressant medication they were taking. Subsequently, after only four weeks, six out of ten patients consuming EPA had importantly decreased symptoms of depression.

The head researcher in this field of study, Boris Nements said ” The effect of the fatty acid EPA was substantial from week two of treatment” he also mentioned that ” the symptoms of depressed mood, guilt feelings, worthlessness and insomnia had all improved by week three.”

This special study was accomplished at the University of the Negev in Israel and was published in the American journal of psychiatry 2002.

Another identical high profile study employing the essential fatty acid pure EPA was actioned in Scotland by doctors Peet and Horribin. This subject area required sixty-nine patients who were suffering from depression, in spite of current treatment with standard antidepressant drugs.

The work went on for twelve weeks, and the underlying anti-depressant drugs the patients were taking, were not amended during the trial. The outcome demonstrated that the patients consuming EPA resulted in substantial improvements in all symptoms of depression, after only four weeks!  This, when compared to the group who were dispensed a dummy tablet.

These studies were publicised in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

Pure Ethyl EPA in Omega 3

Omega 3 fish oil is rich in two key chemical compounds DHA and EPA. In both studies observed above, they applied ultra pure ethyl EPA that comprised zero DHA. The rationality for this was that they ascertained that the purer the compound of EPA the more efficacious it appeared to represent.

The brain contains more DHA than EPA.  However, the studies have ascertained that EPA is much more crucial when it comes to reception to nerve stimulation. It seemed that the DHA perhaps more significant for bodily structure and the EPA for brain function.

Blood samplings acquired by people in the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan, demonstrated that depressed folks have particularly depleted levels of EPA when equated to blood samples of folks who were not bearing low moods and depression.

The head researches from the written report in Scotland both agreed that EPA is the most crucial essential fatty acid in the treatment of depression.

These determinations are supported by two randomly moderated tests by Sheffield and Baylor’s universities using DHA alone, which demonstrated no more advances in the symptoms of depression. In fact, the outcomes were substantial and demonstrated the DHA administered groups to be somewhat less favourable than the placebo administered groups.

Conclusion on using Pure EPA Omega 3 Fish to treat depression

People everywhere in the westernised countries are with huge success, utilising pure ethyl EPA without the DHA to address depression and associated disorders.


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PuraEPA omega3 fish oil and depression