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Cod Liver Oil

The story of “Fish oil benefits” has a long legacy.  Going back a few years, our grandparents believed that Cod Liver Oil represented many health advantages.  It was thought at the time that the health attributes and rewards of Cod Liver Oil were owed to the Vitamins in Cod Liver Oil.

Fatty acids discovered in oily fish

However in the 1980s, Cod Liver Oil reached the headlines in an epic manner when Danish researchers worked out that the Inuit Eskimos (who consumed a diet loaded with the good fats), didn’t sustain any heart disease and arthritis; when compared to the average person.  They established that this was due to the type of fatty acids discovered in oily fish.


We nowadays have realised that both Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil incorporate Eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA.

These two all-important Omega 3 fatty acids that we require, can’t be produced in the body.

Research and tests

Additional research and tests discovered EPA was the fatty acid with the most Omega3 benefits overall. Our bodies can produce DHA from EPA.

There are numerous health benefits connected with acquiring a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil, as a matter of fact too many to list. The following list makes up just a small sample of the ways in which EPA in Cod Liver Oil has evidenced to be advantageous for your health.

 Some of the fish oil benefits:

  •  Assists in preventing heart disease
  •  Relieves pain and inflammation in arthritis
  •  Relieves the symptoms of numerous variants and types of depression
  •  Lowers blood pressure
  •  Thins the blood, thus helping to prevent blood clots – which can cause strokes
  •  Suppresses tumour development
  •  Improves and benefits concentration and memory
  •  Supercharges and promotes brain power
  •  Soothes inflammatory skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne
  •  Assists in promoting weight loss
  •  Improves behaviour in children with ADD/ADHD
  •  Improves inflammation in the lungs, therefore helping with problems like asthma and emphysema



We’ve advanced considerably since our Grandparents days. Cod Liver Oil in those days tasted foul and smelled dreadful. These days you are able to buy Cod Liver Oil with extra flavourings to cloak the taste.

One significant point to mention is that Cod Liver Oil, negatively, incorporates Vitamins A, which can be harmful to your health in excessive dosages. Pregnant women should never take Cod Liver Oil, as we have established that Vitamin A is damaging to your unborn baby.

Cod liver oil has Vitamin D, which has benefits for people living in areas with not much sunlight in the winter, but for virtually most of us, we are unlikely to be depleted in either Vitamin A or Vitamin D and might be better choosing Omega 3 Fish Oil as an alternative.

Fish Oil is expressed from the entire fish, but not the liver.  So therefore does not consist of Vitamins A and D, however, still contains EPA and DHA.

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